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Circleville Kiwanis Club Committees

Listing of Committees:
Boys and Girls Responsibilities: Planning of club service projects that typically benefit children from 5 years to college age. Some of the committees major projects include our Kiwanis Cross Country Invitational, Kiwanis Wrestling Meet, Kiwanis Memorial Relays, Pumpkin Show Pet Parade, Easter Egg Hunt at the Ted Lewis Park, etc. 
Contacts: Michael Clark
Young Children Priority One (YCPO) Responsibilities: Planning of club service projects that benefit children from pre-natal to 5 years old. This committee provides pre-natal vitamins to expectant mothers and donations to other groups, such as Haven House, that benefit young children.
Contacts: Robert Peters
Community Service Responsibilities: Planning of club service projects that benefit the community in general regardless of age. Some of the activities of this committee include staffing the Community Kitchen 6 times a year and running the canteen at the December Red Cross Blood Drive. 
Contacts: John Raterman 
Sponsored Youth Responsibilities: Provide support to the Circleville High School Key Club, the Logan Elm High School Key Club, and the Everts Middle School Builders Club. The committee also works with the International, District, and Divisional leadership of the various sponsored youth clubs and programs of Kiwanis.
Contacts: Michael Clark & Travis Humphrey
Human & Spiritual Aims (HSA) Responsibilities: Planning of projects that carry one of the objects of Kiwanis - giving primacy to the human and spiritual rather then the material values of life.
Contacts: Eugene Dowler
Membership Responsibilities: Organizes the club's efforts in attracting quality candidates for membership in our club.
Contacts: Jackie Winland
Charity Newspaper Responsibilities: Produce the annual Kiwanis Charity Newspaper to report the club's activities to the community and raise funds to help carry out those activities by selling advertisements and collecting donations from the public.
Contacts: Brian Neff & Travis Humphrey
Kiwanis Peanut Day Responsibilities: Organize day where Kiwanians distribute bags of peanuts in front of local stores and collect donations to fund community projects.
Contacts: Jon Snyder & Walter Hall
Club History Responsibilities: Maintain the written history of the club. Please contact a member of the club if you have any old Kiwanis items that you no longer want.
Contacts: Walter Hall
International Understanding Responsibilities: Provide US flags as gifts to international exchange students at Circleville High School. The committee also supports international programs like the Christian Children's Fund and Kiwanis International's Iodine Deficiency Disorder eradication program (#1 cause of preventable mental retardation). The club has donated $15,000 to help over 300,000 children around the world be born without IDD caused mental defects.
Contacts: Bruce Bell
Entertainment Book Sales Responsibilities: Please consider buying your Entertainment Books from a member of the Circleville Kiwanis.
Contacts: Eugene Dowler
Pumpkin Show Booth Responsibilities: Stop by the Kiwanis Pumpkin Pancake booth at the corner of Court & Main Streets in the heart of the Circleville Pumpkin Show. Stop by early for the best breakfast at the Show.
Contacts: John Raterman
Meeting Programs Responsibilities: We are always looking for people to put on interesting and informative programs during our Monday night meetings.
Contacts: Eugene Dowler
Public Relations & Club Bulletin Responsibilities: Keeping the community and club members informed about the activities of the club.

If you would like further information of the activities of the Circleville Kiwanis Club please contact Travis Humphrey with any questions.